2018-19 Winter

The $10,000 cash prize that lined Mikey “Redd” O’Shaugnhessy’s pockets fueled a summer of tube hunting. As the winner of The ProTest last winner, Mikey in collaboration with Nate Tyler put together the best edit of the 2017-18 Winter on ecoboards. His fire burns as hot as the glowing red hair on his head and with cash still saved up, it looks like Mikey is ready to take on a few of the purple blobs destined to pop up this Winter. We’re stoked on his momentum and look forward to seeing his and all the other entries for this years iteration of our competition.

As part of the ProTest, an ecoboard project put on by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and run by Cliff Kapono and myself, $10,000 was awarded to the best edit of the winter using ecoboards. The edits that came through were top notch including other finalists Casey Goepel, Ezra Sitt, Ulu Boy Napeahi, Miguel Blanco, Marco Giorgi, Kalani Chapman, and Lucas Godfrey. Their ability to showcase the capabilities of ecoboards left no doubt that the ecoboard revolution is at hand and that the ecoboards work just as good if not better than their 100% toxic peers.

The average surfboard is completely toxic made from petroleum based materials that persist in the environment for thousands of years. Current technologies have proven that this hypocritical and detrimental consumer behavior is no longer necessary. There are alternatives to our toxic surfboards and by using plant and algae based derivatives or recycled materials, we can minimize the boards impacts on the environment. We’re pushing for faster adoption of ecoboards because as demand for ecoboards increase, so does the supply and innovation needed to make them even better.

After the ProTest this past Winter, we took the project to the Southern Hemisphere as part of the Jeffreys Bay leg of the World Tour. Led by Frankie Solomon, the project took on a road trip feel taking Frankie across South Africa looking for talent and putting them on ecoboards and highlighting those already on them.

Now the project is back and better than ever. We’ve learned so much in a year and are now evolving the project to showcase the progress that ecoboards have made. By continuing to highlight the progression of ecoboard adoption and performance, we continue to push the envelope of what’s possible. Since we are no longer protesting we’ve decided to rebrand and are now calling this project The Progress. Taking what we’ve learned, we’ve redesigned it so anyone can be a part of The Progress. 

The prize purse is the same, but we’ve broken it out into multiple disciplines and opened up the project to anyone in the World. To enter the competition, all you have to do is surf an ecoboard, rip the heck out of a wave, have it posted to instagram and tag #TheProgressSurfComp. We’ll find the best vids, highlight them on Instagram @TheProgressSurfComp and vote for the best at the end of the Winter Season.

The board must be at minimum a level one eco board as defined by Sustainable Surf. This means that the core of your board must be at least 25% recycled or plant based content and/or at least 20% plant based resin with low to zero VOC’s. But we’d be even more stoked if you really pushed the envelope and made your boards as eco as possible.

The different prizes are broken out in 5 sections,

  1. Best barrel
  2. Best air
  3. Best power turn
  4. Best performance by a Female*
  5. Biggest wave

*Females can win in any category

There are shapers all around the World utilizing better materials and if they’re not in your neck of the woods, be sure to spark the conversation that will fuel the needed transition.

Last year we had a quiver of boards made by the best shapers in the world made specifically for the North Shore of Oahu. These included boards from Eric Arakawa, John Pyzel, Robin Johnston, Kamalei Alexander, Matty Raynor, Kyle Bernhardt, Joe Demarco, Daniel Jones, Nat Wooley, Kerry Tokoro, Wade Tokoro, Carl Olsen, Glenn Pang, Jeff Bushman, Brett Marumoto, Mike Mattisson, Carl Schaper, Drew Sparrow, and Jeff Timpone. We were also blessed with donations of ecoboards you can get right off the rack from Firewire and Channel Islands.

This year it’s up to you to get out there and get an ecoboard from your shaper, shop, or online. We won’t have a dream quiver to hand out to you to borrow. The movement has been sparked and you can now find recycled blanks, algae blanks, and bio based resins available on Oahu.

Get out there! Snag some nuggets on an ecoboard, go ham, and get it documented. Lot’s of different ways to win this year and we’ve made it even easier for you to enter. We look forward to seeing the results. In the meantime, to see videos from last year and to learn more follow along on Instagram @TheProgressSurfComp.

2017-18 Winter

The ProTest is a protest against the 100% toxic surfboard and an opportunity for the Pro’s to Test ecoboards. It is also a video comp awarding best documented performance of the winter on the North Shore on an ecoboard $10,000 to the surfer and $1,000 to the submission team.

Surfers need to collect clips and submit an edit under 3 minutes featuring surfing only on ecoboards. Your edit will be featured on Surfer Magazine on April 1st. Voting will start immediately. If you win and your edit is featuring clips from different filmers, the $1,000 prize will be split between them but the $10,000 prize will be all yours.

TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO: Send direct clips to: enter@theprotest.tv and info@sustainablecoastlineshawaii.org.



From now until March 1st, WCT, WQS, Freesurfers, and legends both male and female can contact Kahi at info@sustainablecoastlineshawaii.org or 808-221-7678 to access 1 of the 40 boards. You must have a film crew ready to document (collaboration is encouraged). You’ll have 3-5 days to surf the board and then must return the board at which point you can swap out for another. We’d like feedback on the performance in order to improve the boards and materials.

The best performance on an ecoboard(s) this winter as documented in 1 clip less than three minutes will win $10,000. Submission team will win $1,000.

Rules are simple. Collect clips featuring surfers utilizing ecoboard(s) and ripping. Cut a clip and send it to enter@theprotest.tv and info@sustainablecoastlineshawaii.org. Submission period ends March 31st, 2018. You can use any ecoboard. It doesn’t have to be one of ours. You will just need to prove its econess.

On March 1st, the library will be brought down to a beach on the North Shore twice a week and be made available to the public. On April 1st, the boards will go on sale.

On Earth Day 2018, the winner of the ProTest will be announced.

We have a library of 40 certified ecoboards from Hawaii’s best shapers and a few from the mainland like Firewire and Channel Islands. WCT, WQS, legends and freesurfers with film crew get first dibs and can access the Library by contacting Kahi at 808-221-7678.

The Library:


Questions can be directed to info@sustainablecoastlineshawaii.org.