Since 2012 Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has been working with diverse clients to make environmentally conscious choices when planning events, diverting waste all while educating and inspiring guests in the process. Hosting a zero waste or sustainable event can be simple and rewarding. We are available for hire to help you minimize your event’s impact on the environment through pre-event consulting and implementation of our waste diversion systems with trained resource management staff, during your event.
We are changing how waste is dealt with in Hawaii. Waste is a valuable resource! Waste diversion prevents waste from entering our landfills and incinerator. Instead, transforming it back in to a valuable resource through composting and creating soil. Be a leader in the zero waste movement.
Past clients include the WSL, Vans, Volcom, Wanderlust Festival, Turtle Bay Resort, BAMP, Ocean Aid, Private Weddings, Fundraisers, Parties, and more. 
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