Surfrider Clean Up was Awesome, albiet nasty


This past Sunday we went down to the Ala Wai to help out Surfrider Foundation with their clean up. We brought down a few bamboo poles to pull stuff out of the Ala Wai but they ended up being no match for the nasty treasures that didn’t want to leave the canal.

Thanks to Surfrider for putting this clean up on, although it wasn’t a beach clean up, the items that end up in this watershed eventually make their way out to sea and often onto our coastlines.

5 Skateboards were found that day. 1 of them was still working and a lucky guy from ING Direct took it home. One of them was from the 70’s and we took that one home. Gonna shine it up and give it a whirl.

The stuff pulled out of the Ala Wai left a slug trail left behind. By the end of the clean up there were a bunch of these trails up and down the sidewalk.

This bruddah was constantly driving down the Ala Wai filling up the truck with the treasures. We ended up collecting over 3,000 pounds of debris.

Shopping carts were in abundance in the Ala Wai. We fashioned a lasso out of an old electrical cord to pull these out. Another volunteer had a full on grappling hook. Some of the carts were new, but some were ancient and were like artificial reefs. When we pulled them out they looked like they were breathing. Kinda like the scary characters from Pirates of the Caribbean.


  • shannon
    June 6, 2012

    Yes! A lil’ nasty but someone’s gotta do the dirty work. There is a lot to be done. Thanks so much SC

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