The following Public Service project is a collaboration between Klineworks Designs, Wasiswas, and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

It was created to bring a stunning visual representation of the neglect our daily choices are creating in our environments, specifically our oceans and the animals inhabiting them. They are meant to encourage discussion on the notion of throwing “away” along with the continual movement to eliminate single use plastic bags in Hawaii and elsewhere.

Download these images and put them up in your schools or workplaces and post to social media. No credit necessary but appreciated as the design team donated their time to make this vision come to life. Instagram Bradley Shin @wasiswas, Jesse Kline @klineworksdesign, and @sustainablecoastlineshawaii.

The more people that see these images, the better. Let’s get awareness out there and help people connect their consumer behaviors with ocean health.

When you post to instagram utilize the hashtag #thisisaway and tag us @sustainablecoastlineshawaii. Every week we’re giving away a Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii gift package containing a @camelbak reusable waterbottle, SCH shirt and hat, and reef-friendly sunscreen from one of our many partners like Avasol, Manda, Raw Elements, Little Hands Hawaii, and others. The random drawing winner will be notified via Direct Message on Instagram.

Instagram Sizes below


Poster Sizes (11×17) below – These are larger files scaled to fit 11×17 paper