PACON: Our first legitimate conference


We were invited to speak at PACON (Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology) this past week and the experience was awesome. The event was highlighting scientific breakthroughs across the pacific in 2012 along with strengthening the bonds while creating new ones between government, public, and private sectors.IMG_0069

We spoke specifically about getting information that is relegated to a select few and figuring out how to share it with the general public. This went hand in hand with where our organization has found itself. The desire to perpetuate our mission has found us at a crux of doing what we have been doing in the past or stepping up to the plate and trying something new.

Dr. Lorenz Magaard sponsored our entrance fee, our graphics designer Vanessa Katz gave us coupons to fly for free, and Noah Gibson our board member gave us a bed to sleep on. In other words, the event cost our organization nothing other than our precious time we spent preparing and attending.

Highlights of the Event

  • Learning about Ancient Hawaiian fishing techniques
  • Satoumi: “the symbiotic relationship of man and the coastal area in which they live.”
  • CAT Bonds: The use of bonds to leverage the risk of Catastrophic Events like Hurricanes.
  • Hurricane and other Disaster Insurances
  • Current status of photovoltaic electrical generation
  • Hot Fusion
  • Methane Hydrate
  • Aquaculture of Tuna off of the Big Island
  • Waste disposal after a Tsunami
  • Offshore wind power potential in Hawaii
  • The costs of the Japan Tsunami

These events serve as not only an opportunity to hear some great speakers. More importantly the create and forge powerful bonds between attendees. This will allow for a better flow of information and hopefully open up future funding sources to allow Sustainable Coastlines to better fulfill their mission.

If you have any questions regarding any of the highlights above, please feel free to ask. I am not a scientist but you can get my opinion or what I think.

Once again, big Mahalo to all the people that helped us go to this amazing event. Specifically Dr. Lorenz Magaard, Elizabeth Glover, Noah Gibson, and Vanessa Katz.

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