We host travelers from around the world in our beautiful IVHQ home in Kahalu’u and engage in work throughout the ahupua’a aimed at coastal conservation. 
The IVHQ project in Hawaii provides a unique opportunity to work on a range of volunteer activities focused on conservation and environmental restoration on Oahu. You will be led by a team of local environmental advocates in activities throughout the course of your program.
The main focus of the project is addressing the issue of marine debris and plastic pollution through beach clean-ups, then gathering and analyzing the collected debris.
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Ocean pollution is a worldwide problem that is particularly evident in Hawaii, as major ocean currents carry large amounts plastic waste from around the world onto Hawaii’s northern and eastern shores. You also work alongside local aquaculture and agriculture projects – an ancient native Hawaiian fishpond, called a loko i’a, and a farm that utilizes native agricultural practices and community engagement programs. Work on this fishpond may entail providing assistance with reconstruction of the fish pond’s structure using natural materials or assisting with the removal of invasive, introduced mangrove species once planted by corporate pineapple farms to control erosion.
Work on the farm involves helping with native agriculture practices to restore the land’s vitality and engaging the community involvement in the farm to protect it from further real estate development. The program also aims to train volunteers to rethink their consumer behaviors and provide them with tools to continue addressing the issue when they return home.