I heART the Ocean – PHOTOS


The 1st Annual Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii Fundraiser was a resounding success. We raised three times the estimated goal and sold out the event a week prior to the big night. We thank all the supporters and volunteers who made the night possible. Below you will find the photos taken by our professional photographers of the evening. Feel free to download the photos you like but please only use them for your personal use. No commercial use of any of these photos is allowed without approval from the photographer and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

Initially Sustainable Coastlines was planning on selling these photos but the overall success of the evening has inspired us to allow for free download of any photo below. Should you desire a print, high resolution, or full resolution copy of the photo we encourage you to contact the photographer responsible.

This first set of photos is from Rafael Bergstrom. You can contact him and see more of his work at www.rafaelbergstromphotography.com

Below are the pictures from the Photobooth from Pono. If you want any of these contact him at pono@sustainablecoastlineshawaii.org

Below are photos from Darryl Freeman. If you want any of these photos contact him at


Below are photos from Tyler Harmon. If you want any of these photos contact him through his Facebook page here.


  • Charles
    February 15, 2013

    Thank you for publishing the photo’s for free, what a treat!.
    There was another, female, photographer besides Rafael who I would like to get photos from.
    Can you put me in contact with her, or are her photos going to be posted later?

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