Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is a registered 501(c)3 with the mission of inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines through hands-on beach cleanups.

By donating to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, you help us do what we do best, host epic beach cleanups across the state of Hawaii. We’re not talking about a few dozen people removing a hundred pounds off the beach; we’re talking about hundreds of people removing thousands of pounds off the beach.

We also allocate half of our funding to educate communities, students, prisoners, businesses, and government about plastic pollution and what we can do about it.

Donating to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is an investment in the future beauty and sustainability of our coastlines. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our FEIN is 45-2596726.


What Your Donation Means…

$25 donation
allows us to maintain our web presence

$50 donation
Allows us to build a sand sifter

$100 donation
​Allows us to purchase enough reusable gloves and bags for a clean-up

$500 donation
​Allows us execute over 20 Education Presentations in local schools

$1,000 donation
​Allows us to place our Education Station into a local school for two weeks

$2,5​00 donation
Allows us to pay for the transportation costs for buses at our large scale cleanups

$50​00 donation
​Allows us to pay for our yearly insurance and accounting costs

​$10​,000 donation
Would fund an entire large scale cleanup

Looking to become a major Sponsor? See what we can offer on our Supporters Page.